High Court Warns TDP And YSRCP About Vivekananda Reddy Murder
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Both TDP and YSRCP have been reacting sharply to each other's comments over YS Vivekananda Reddy's murder case. TDP blames Jagan family over the case criticising that the family has inside disputes. And YSRCP, on the other hand, demanded CBI probe into the matter, blaming TDP.

Yesterday, the Andhra Pradesh High Court ordered both these parties to refrain from making statements on Vivekananda's murder in public events and meetings. The court has directed both the TDP and YSRCP to file affidavits stating that they would not talk relevant to the murder case in the public conference, especially in election campaigns.

Until April 15, the rule has to be followed as per the high court. Earlier, Jagan quoted that Chandrababu Naidu has directed SIT to frame the family members into the case. He questioned how to get justice if SIT reports to the state's government.

The argument on SIT making an impartial investigation has been on a rise ever since then. Now, the court has asked SIT to continue its investigation without revealing the inside details.



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