Heroine Reacts On Body Shaming Trolls And Calling Her Buffalo
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Body shaming has become pretty common, both on the internet and in real life. Hardly a week goes by without getting bullied for being too thin or too heavy. For celebrities, it is even more difficult as they get trolled for almost every public appearance they make.

One such actress who constantly faces body shamers is Sonakshi Sinha. In spite of losing a huge 30 kgs, the actress still falls as a victim in front of trolls. Among many jokes on her, one of the comments on the social media site calling her a 'buffalo' has irked the actress a lot.

Sonakshi did not leave the opportunity to name shame him and also pointed out his grammatical mistake which read as 'buffalo'. She also warned such people to stay away from her or else she would definitely give them a tight slap.

She made a recent appearance at Arbaaz Khan's chat show, where she opened up on being trolled. "I will continue to be what I am. If you like me, watch me, if you don't like me, then don't watch me. Simple," she said. The actress also spoke on dealing criticism on a daily basis. She said if the criticism is constructive and helping her, she will take it. "If not, I don't need the extra negativity in my life", she quoted.



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