Heavy Floods Ruining Kerala
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Kerala is termed God's own country. But, God's own country is in peril now due to unprecedented floods. Several towns, cities are under water and 13 of the 14 district water are suffering worst floods.

Kerala is known for its greenery and beautiful homes. Every house is surrounded by trees. But, all that is changing due to rapid urbanization. Concrete structures are sprouting all around the place. Due to this changed systems and ecological degradation, Kerala is reeling under the impact of unprecedented floods. It's been raining incessantly in Kerala for the last 10 days and over 180 have die due to the floods. Landslides, flash floods have raveged the state. As many as 1.67 lakh have been shifted to relief camps and a red alert has been issued in 14 districts.  The famed Metro rail service has been suspended and the Kochi airport has been closed till August 26.The loss is estimated at Rs 10000 crore.

Pime Minister Narendra Modi is rushing to Kerala on Saturday morning and is holding a review meeting with the officials  there. As many as 52 batallions of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard and NDRF are fully involved in the rescue and relief operations. Thousands are still trapped in Runny, Kojenchery in Pattanamthitta. In several places of Trissur and Ernakulam, standing water is 20 feet high. Due to the floods to Pamba river, Mnnar dam is bursting at its seams.  Shabarimala is cut off from other places.

According to officials 44 major rivers in the state are swollen and most dams have opened all their gates.

The rainfall during the last ten days is around 2000 ml. Indiscriminate felling of trees, damage to the nature, cutting of mountains and rampant construction activity are causing great damage to the environment. Indiscriminate tree felling has resulted in landslides and flash floods.  The mountains and valleys have lost their ability to hold water.  Kerala, without doubt, is a classic example of man-made disaster.

It’s about the time, the people of Kerala wake up and stop the degradation of the environment.




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