Hamsa Nandini Diagnosed With Breast Cancer
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Actress Hamsa Nandini turned to social media to explain why she hasn't been active on the platform since August. 

 The actress disclosed that she was diagnosed with Grade 3 breast cancer and is currently undergoing treatment for it. She revealed that she has had nine rounds of chemotherapy and that she still has seven more to go. The actress also tweeted a photo in which her hair seemed to have entirely fallen out. 

She wrote a long, moving letter detailing her journey. She discovered a small lump in her breast four months ago and went to the doctor to find out what it was. She was diagnosed with BRCA1, often known as hereditary breast cancer, after undergoing many diagnostic scans. She shared the devastating news that her mother died of the same cancer 18 years ago. She told supporters, though, that she would remain cheerful throughout the ordeal. ‘I've made a few vows to myself." I'm not going to let this condition define my life; instead, I'm going to combat it with a smile and come out on top. I'll be better and stronger when I return to the screen. I'll share my tale in order to educate and inspire others. And I'm going to consciously celebrate life and everything it has to give.’ 

Hamsa Nandini has carved a reputation for herself in the Telugu cinema industry over the years, and fans wished her well in the comments section of her post. 

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