Gudivada Casino Politics: Bonda Uma Challenge - ‘I Am Ready To Immolate By Pouring Petrol, Kodali Nani Get Ready’
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The Casino Issue in Krishna district Gudivada has become a hot topic in AP politics. Some videos related to this have also been circulated. It was in this context that the TDP Fact Finding Committee went to Gudivada on Friday. The YCP ranks were heavily deployed at the K Convention Center.

Police rounded the TDP office. Former ministers Kollu Ravindra, Nakka Anand Babu, Alappuzha Raja and former MLA Bonda Uma Maheshwara Rao were arrested by the police for trying to leave to K Convention Centre from the TDP office. This led to a confrontation between the TDP leaders and the Police. At the same time some smashed the car mirrors belonging to Bonda Uma.

However, Minister Kodali Nani challenged to quit politics and commit suicide by pouring petrol if it was proved that he had organized any casino or poker in his wedding hall in Gudivada. He also made harsh remarks against the TDP and its leader Chandrababu Naidu. However, TDP senior leader Bonda Uma responded to the latest Kodali Nani challenge. Bonda Uma spoke to the media on Saturday.

He questioned why the TDP Fact Finding Committee was not allowed if no mistake was made in the convention center. He said they were ready to prove that the casino was arranged in Gudivada Kodali Nani  K Convention Centre.

Bonda Uma said that Kodali Nani was speaking as he wish as if nothing happened, even if he was caught red handed. He said that they are accepting the challenge of Kodali Nani. There is evidence with them to prove that the casino was arranged. To make it public he challenged Kodali Nani to fix any Date and Time he is comfortable with.

Bonda Uma Challenged Kodali Nani saying-  “let's get a petrol can each and get ready to prove to the media that the casino happened or not. He said he was ready to pour petrol and immolate self if the casino did not happen. Bonda Uma challenged the minister to resign if the casino proved to have happened. They also have the names of those who danced in the casino. They said that people like Victor and Shashibhushan danced.

He said that the YCP Government was trembling when TDP went to inspect the K Conventions. He Sarcastically said that Kodali Nani had admitted that he had stopped the semi nude dances of women. In addition to that, videos of the casino arranged in Gudivada K Conventions were shown to the media.

Responding to the TDP Fact Finding Committee, Kodali Nani lamented that time was running out for Chandrababu Naidu. Kodali Nani alleged that clashes took place in the name of the fact-finding committee in peaceful Gudivada. He agreed that gambling had taken place in Gudivada as it had took place all over the state for Sankranthi. Kodali Nani said that he himself called DSP and asked him to stop obscene dances of women, right after he got information.

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