GHMC Levies Penalty On RGV 'Power Star' Poster
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Director Ram Gopal Varma was fined Rs 4,000 by Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC). After the posters of his recent film were pasted on Government property, a citizen had filed complaint to GHMC over the use of government property after which GHMC took action.  The GHMC said that the director violated the GHMC act by using Government property for film promotion.

A statement has been issued against director Varma which reads: “The directorate of enforcement vigilance and disaster management of GHMC penalises director Ram Gopal Varma for unauthorise wall poster pasting violation, under section 402, 421 and with 674 596, 487 of GHMC Act 1955 and fined with an amount of Rs 4,000.”

There were two violations by pasting a poster for ‘power star’ movie which is released in a personal app. ‘Power star’ movie has been released on director’s own OTT platform called RGV World Theatre. Before the release of the film, the director said that people would have to pay Rs150 per view to watch the film initially and the price will be hiked to Rs.250 from July 25th, 11 am onwards.

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