Gajapathi Raju Sisters War Goes Personal, Sanchaita Calls Urmila's Mentality 'Imperial'
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The people of North Andhra hold the families of the Gajapathi Rajus in high esteem. Things have changed for the worse since the YSRCP came to rule. The ruling party has embraced the age-old British 'divide and rule' policy against the royal Vizianagaram families. A platform for settling scores among the separated families became the ongoing Pydithalli Utsav. Sanchaita Gajapathi Raju is wielding all the control over the property and trust of the royal family right now, with the aid of the YCP. She is Anand Gajapathi Raju 's daughter. Urmila Gajapathi Raju, Anand's other daughter, has also become involved. They were born to different mothers. Now Urmila opposes the ways of her step-sister to pull down the reputation of her family as a whole. As such, to keep Urmila from participating in the Pydithalli Sirimanu utsavam, Sanchaita used the officers of the Police and Endowments.

Urmila was stopped by the officials from using their right to watch the Sirimanotsavam from the fort's ramparts there. Urmila Gajapathi Raju, enraged, blamed the officials for surrendering to Sanchaita 's tactics.  Urmila accused Sanchaita of insulting their father, Anand Gajapathi Raju, and their royal family as a whole, without stopping at that. Despite the growing criticism from the other members of the family, Sanchaita did not yield and continued to enforce her own policies vigorously, regardless of the protests from local citizens and organisations.

The demands from Urmila for her freedom are also falling on deaf ears. The MANSAS Trust, chaired by Sanchaita Gajapathi Raju, has published a letter denouncing Sudha Gajapathi Raju, the second wife of Ananda Gajapathi Raju, and their daughter Urmila Gajapathi Raju's "imperial mentality." In the letter, without prior knowledge, MANSAS Trust lashed out at the mother-daughter duo for barging into the fort of Vizianagaram and called it the most uncalled for action.

"We were allocated the front row to witness the Sirimanotsavam ceremony at the fort as part of age-old tradition and customs. Some people walked straight into and occupied the front row seats without having any prior knowledge. They think they are from the royal family and expect to be treated like maharani and princesses," the letter wrote by MANSAS Trust. An attitude like that is a result of a deep colonial mentality. It is unfortunate that the Sirimanothsavaam procession is a celebration of the people. We live in a democracy and it is difficult to show such an imperial mentality. It is a pure show of greed, an utter lack of empathy and sensitivity for the common people of the working class. In the front two rows, we were courteous enough to give them seats,' said MANSAS Confidence in the letter. Furthermore, MANSAS Trust claimed in the letter," The festivities belong to the Vizianagaram people. Such a colonial mentality has no place in modern democratic, egalitarian India."

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