Four Nirbhaya Case Convicts Hanged To Death In Tihar Jail
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Seven years after the horrific crime they committed and after a prolonged legal fight by the mother of Nirbhaya, the convicts were hanged till death on early hours of Friday, giving the justice she deserved.

The convicts were hanged exactly at 5:30 am today by hangman Pawan Jallad at Tihar jail in Delhi. The four convicts played long with numerous tactics till late last night to escape the gallows, but were given the sentence they deserved finally.

Nirbhaya's mother Asha Devi expressed her satisfaction for the justice finally delivered and said her faith in the judiciary has been restored. She wants to dedicate this day - March 20 to all the women in the country because Nirbhaya got justice today.

With numerous posters quoting 'thanks to judiciary' and 'the morning of justice', crowds assembled at Tihar jail and they exclaimed in celebrations the next minute after 5:30 am today and they even distributed sweets outside. They all raised the slogans 'Nirbhaya Zindabad' and 'long live Nirbhaya'.

The executions were carried out according to the guidelines as per the Delhi Prison book and all four prisoners were marched to the scaffold with hands pinioned at their back. As per reports, their faces with a cotton cap with a flap just before they entered the gallows enclosures. Along with the jail superintendent, the District Magistrate and Medical officer were present when and where the executions happened.



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