Film Maker Made Fun On Lord Balaji
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Telugu people always believe the sentiment that if a person tries to do something that will mock Lord Balaji sitting at Tirumala shrine, they are ending up with a bad fate.

Previously there are rumours that a Minister who tried to touch Lord Balaji's idol with his hands has met his death mysteriously. Then we have another big political person who is said to have tried to sell off Tirumala hills to some private persons for malicious activities and then met a dark fate. 

And now, this filmmaker who is known for his abilities has made fun of Lord Balaji in an indirect manner. As he happens to be an atheist who pokes fun at festivals and mythological figures, he felt that God will punish if he entered the sanctum temple of Sri Venkateswara Swamy. 

"I thought Lord Balaji will slap me or he will trigger a lightning ray to burn me to ashes. As they both didn't happen, I feel that Lord Balaji has forgiven me for life" he said, in a veiled mockery. Indirectly he is hinting that Balaji didn't do anything to him. 

Many people who believe in the miracles of this God are now worrying the fate this director will meet with, for that mockery. 





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