FIFA Warns Broadcasters
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The Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) has ordered the broadcasters to not "zoom in" on hot and beautiful female fans during the upcoming finals of the football world cup. The rampant rise in cases of sexism is said to be the reason behind FIFA's latest decision.

FIFA's diversity expert Piara Powar said that his team had documented more than 30 cases of Russian women being "accosted in the streets" by male fans. However, Powar believes the real number of incidents will be 10 times the reported cases.

Incidentally, there were debates over how the FIFA World Cup in Russia would be tainted by racism and homophobia. But the latest reports of sexism has been a more worrying factor. Already, several female reporters being grabbed or kissed while on air made headlines in the initial days of FIFA 2018.



13 Jul, 2018 0 2176
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