FASTag Made Mandatory To Avail Discounts On NH Toll Plazas
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The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has made it compulsory to use FASTag to get discounts on return journey or any other exemptions on toll fee plazas. Vehicles with a valid FASTag may demand a refund for return journeys within 24 hours or any other local exemptions. A Gazette Notification No. 534 E of 24 August 2020, amending the National Highways Fee (Tariff Determination and Collection) Law, 2008, has been notified in this regard.

"This is another step towards facilitating the use of NH's digital payments on Fee Plazas. The fee payable in respect of such discounts shall be charged only by prepaid instruments, smart cards or FASTag or on board unit (transponder) or any other such system, "said an official release. The modifications to the rules would allow a discount on a return journey within 24 hours; it would be automatic and no need for a pass via FASTag or any other system. Getting a valid FASTag is required for discounts on all other cases.

The amendment would also make there to be no need for a prior receipt or intimation in cases where there is a discount available for a return journey within 24 hours and the person will automatically obtain the discount if the return journey is made within 24 hours with a valid and a working FASTag on the vehicle.

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