Exclusive: Gajuwaka Varalakshmi's Parents Open About Facts Hidden By Media!!!, Deets Inside..
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The gruesome murder of Varalakshmi in Gajuwaka has sent chills for everyone in the state. In an exclusive phone call, the parents of the victim revealed few facts which aren’t shown by the TV News channels. Firstly, Varalakshmi was dandled in the family and the Srinagar Colony in Gajuwaka where the Family resides is cluster of around 200 other families who lived in harmony. Her family is well-settled and has good business in Lorry and other transportation related enterprise. The murderer, Akhil Sai Venkat, in the past is known to have harassed her when she denied his proposal and also brought to the police station on request of victim’s family and was given counseling along with his family to not follow her. A warning was also given by the police and his assurance was taken in exchange for not registering the case.

While being silent for quite a few days, Sai Venkat couldn’t bear to see her with another boy called Ramu. The parents alleged that in a cold-hearted attempt of slitting their daughter’s throat, Sai must’ve joined hands with other person and plotted to kill her. Suspicions rose when he called in to talk with her, why did she go to talk to him? What did they talk on the phone to make her meet him at the Sai Baba Temple? Why was Ramu too at the murder location? Where was Ramu when they both were talking?

According to the parents, the murder took place between 6:45 pm and 7 pm and it was also the time when she left the house. Her brother too went out after sometime looking for her when she didn’t lift the phone. They thought that she did go to the temple as always and went looking for her. This said temple is located over a hill to which people climb almost 100 steps. When her brother inquired about her details at foot of the hill, the locals said that just few minutes back a boy and 2 police men went atop. While asked about her, the police told her brother to come with their parents. Upon their arrival, she was taken from the location to RK Hospital and from there to KGH where she was already declared dead.

In the mean-time, before her brother reached the top, Sai was seen descending by him and greeted him as they happened to be classmates and asked why he was there? It was known that Akhil Sai left in a rush without answering him and ringed up his Father and surrendered himself at the police-station on his Father’s suggestion because he feared for his life. Later on he tried escaping and was caught again.

The question raised by the family was why was media misleading by informing wrong time as 9 pm while the actual time was mid-evening around 7?? What enraged Sai to make such a drastic move?? Was he under the influence of Drugs?? Did he have connections with any criminals?? These questions are still unanswered and investigation is underway.

Home minister Sucharita expressed her angry over the incident. She gave her condolences to the family by meeting them in person and said Justice will be provided to them. She also told the police personnel to take strict actions against whoever was involved in the crime.

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