Employees Mass Exit From Whatsapp Groups, A Big Blow To AP YCP Government.
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Thousands of staff from Andhra Pradesh's village secretariats and ward secretariats have collectively abandoned official WhatsApp groups, delivering a huge setback to the YCP government. 

Employees chose this new method of protest to vent their anger at Andhra Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy for failing to keep his promise of giving them "permanent employee" status by confirming their two-year probation period. 

AP CM YS Jagan promised Employees to give permanent employee status within two years from the day he become Chief Minister, which expired on October 2, 2021. But, even today, in January 2022, he has failed to keep his promise.

Jagan has now made a fresh commitment, stating that permanent employment status will be granted by June 30 of this year. Employees erupted in rage as a result of this. 

They have decided to leave the official WhatsApp groups run by the AP administration, which provide daily instructions on their job descriptions and responsibilities. 

Joint collectors in each district manage these WhatsApp groups. With employees departing WhatsApp groups one by one, the administration of village and ward secretariats grounded to a halt.

Officials have threatened to fire staff if they leave WhatsApp groups, but this hasn't stopped employees from leaving. 

Now, the AP YSRCP government is at a quandary as to how to get employees to rejoin WhatsApp groups and prevent village and ward secretariats from closing.

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