Eluru Constituency Fight Became A Unique Triangular Battle
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One of the most talked about constituencies in Andhra Pradesh is none other than Eluru, the district headquarter of West Godavari district. And here, this time the fight became a unique triangular battle, giving the edge to Janasena.

Ruling Telugudesam party has given the ticket to incumbent MLA Badeti Kota Ramarao alias Bujji who hails from Kapu (OC) community. And then, YSR Congress went ahead with YSR loyalist Alla Nani who has earlier won on Congress ticket couple of times. He too hails from Kapu (OC) community only. That's the reason many demanded Pawan Kalyan contest here, as he will have all the edge. But Janasena gave the ticket to Reddy Appalanaidu who comes from Toorpu Kapu (BC) community. So how come Janasena will get the advantage here? 

Naturally, the Kapu community is divided between TDP, Jagan, and Pawan as well. Imagine that they have equally split their vote between the three as both TDP and YSRC candidates have a very good image in the constituency. As Kapus constitute 65% and more of the voters, their votes get split between these three in Eluru. Then we have other OCs like Vysyas who are dominant after Kapus, followed by BCs. 

If all these three contestants are considered then BCs might go with Reddy Appalanaidu as they could identify with him rather than Badeti Bujji and Alla Nani. That gives the major edge to Pawan Kalyan here in Eluru constituency. 

However, at a time when money is playing a crucial role in electoral politics, we have to see who could be the winning horse with Reddy Appalanaidu being the poorest candidate of all. 



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