Dr Sudhakar Case Takes A New Twist
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The suspended Dr Sudhakar’s case in Visakhapatnam is taking curious turns ever since the High Court has intervened. Jagan Reddy Government has now begun pressuring the doctor to accept his mistake so that his suspension would be revoked. His job would be given back to him. The change in Government’s stand came after a judge has recorded the statement of Dr. Sudhakar.

It is not yet clearly known what exactly he has complained to the judge. But, on behalf of the Government, a Dalit Minister and top officials entered the scene. On his part, the doctor was in contact with his relatives and sympathisers from the hospital. He was further pained at the fresh round of harassment by the ruling party leaders to accept that he has committed an offence against the Government.

The TDP says that with the latest mind games of Jagan Government, the doctor and his family members were now in an even more confused state. The family was not able to understand what exactly the ruling party was going to do to Dr. Sudhakar. TDP leader Vangalapudi Anitha is saying that political inducements and intimidation were continuing even after the doctor has given his statement before the judge.

She says the doctor was now being forced to say apology to the Government and accept his guilt. Meanwhile, the High Court is expected to give an interim order in Dr Sudhakar case on Friday. This has raised political curiosity since the court is very serious these days because of defiant attitude of the YCP Government.





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