Don't Try To Create Unwanted Hungama In TV Debates- Pawankalyan's Warning To Janasena Speakers
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Looks like Janasena President Pawan Kalyan is completely upset with the way some of his fans are behaving in TV debates. And finally, he has opened up, warning dire consequences in case if those fans won't mend their ways.

At a recent meeting, Pawan stated that the behavior of a few Janasainiks is upsetting him. He openly stated that such persons will be shunted out of the party as he feels that there is no place for 'power hungry' people in the party. "I'm wandering on roads here leaving all my work and earnings, but you want to sit in TV channels and do the hungama? Nope, I won't allow that" he said. 

He also articulated, "For self-declared MLAs of Janasena party, they will be shunt out seriously. Don't try to blackmail Pawan Kalyan by speaking in TV programs or on Facebook pages, I won't give up to such things which I've seen at an early age in my career". 

Some say that Pawan has bowled this yorker for the likes of Kalyan Dileep Sunkara who are doing a lot of unwanted hungama on TV debates, while official spokespersons like Addepalli Sridhar are going in a conventional way.



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