Disha Effect- 2 Lakh 50 Thousand Hawk-Eye App Downloads
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The rape and murder of Disha has sent shivers to the working woman professionals in the twin cities. The police have stepped into action and are doing rigorous awareness campaigns since the last few days. The police are requesting the people especially the women to download 'Hawk-Eye' app which enables to send a message to the police when in danger.

Accordingly about 2.5 lakh people have downloaded the app post Disha's incident and among this seventy percent people reside in the twin cities, informed a police official from DGP's office. People living in Hyderabad are mostly using the app and the next city from Telangana is Karimnagar where people are very much aware of 'Hawk-Eye' app.

The official added that many are using 'Hawk-Eye' app when they on their way to homes in autos and cabs.

But what is 'Hawk-Eye' App? This app lets you to be in touch with the Police and report traffic violations, information on criminals, crime against women and other unwanted incidents. Most importantly the app helps improve their security and reach out to police under critical circumstances.

There is a feature in the app called 'SOS' and one tap on it, will alert the police in emergency cases. The SOS sends the location of the individual to the police and this is useful in quick response.  

The police official also claimed that they are receiving about 80,000 calls in a day from 'Dial 100.' Before Disha's incident this was just 50,000 per day but after this crime episode, the calls raised by 30,000. The police added that they have deployed additional staff as the calls are increasing day after day. Also they are analyzing the calls and reach the places where the incident is reported.



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