Disgusting To See People Linking Up Me And Samantha: Samantha Stylist Jukalker
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Ever since Samantha and Naga Chaitanya announced their separation, various gossips have been doing rounds on social media. Especially, many people tried to portray it as Samantha’s fault. Even the actress shared a post about how women are always blamed in society.

Meanwhile, some of the netizens linked the actress to her stylist Preetham Jukalker. It was rumoured that both of them had an ‘affair,’ which presumably is the reason behind the separation. It all started when Preetham posted a selfie with Samantha in the past and came up with the word ‘I Love You’ in the caption.

Speaking to the Hyderabad Times, Preetham said, “Everybody knows that I call Samantha as ‘Jiji’ which is a north Indian term for sister. How can there possibly be a link-up between us? People are commenting how I can say ‘I love you’ to her. Can’t you express love for a sister or a friend? How can people stoop so low and spread such malicious rumours when a woman is already hurting. This is just disgusting and heartbreaking.”

Preetham said that Samantha maintained a dignified silence on the issue but he was devastated by Naga Chaitanya’s silence.

“I’ve known Chaitanya for years. He too knows the kind of relationship that Samantha and I have. I feel that he could’ve spoken up and told people not to comment like that about Sam and me. Even if he had issued one statement, it would have made a lot of difference. Right now, it’s these so-called fans who are making these statements and spreading false rumours. I think a statement from Chaitanya’s side would’ve helped keep these people in check,” added Preetham.

The celebrity stylist said that the constant trolling is taking an emotional toll on him but he wants to remain strong and stand for himself and Samantha, who is going through a tough phase.

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