Did Mahabubnagar Ditch BJP's N Ramachandra Rao ?
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The BJP is seriously doing introspection as to where things went wrong in the Graduate MLC elections. It is unable to digest the defeat of N Ramachandra Rao, who was touted as favourite and was expected to win. However, he lost by a small margin to political greenhorn Surabhi Vani Devi.

Post-mortem by the BJP top brass revealed that it is the Mahabubnagar that had let down Ramachandra Rao. The polling percentage in Mahabubnagar was relatively low and it is now emerging that the key leaders from Mahabubnagar did not put their heart into the campaign. A section of the former ABVP activists now in BJP have not worked for Ramachandra Rao. They have also spread the word that Ramachandra Rao did not bother about Mahabubnagar.

The names of key leaders like Jitender Reddy, Srivardhan Reddy and others are doing the rounds. These leaders did not help Ramachandra Rao the way they should normally have. An ABVP top leader now in a government position, too has asked the ABVP cadres not to help Ramachandra Rao. This leader wanted the MLC ticket for himself.

Another thing that left the BJP perplexed was that a large number of BJP voters have voted the wrong way and their votes were declared invalid. They wrote slogans like Jai Sriram and Jai Modi on the ballot papers. The party leadership believes that this was a deliberate attempt to invalidate the vote.

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