Dear Rowdys,Keep Your Number Plates Only For Numbers-Vijay Devarakonda
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In Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, we often get to see some registration-plates of bikes and cars, where the actual number is missing. Instead, they will have photos of NTR, Pawan Kalyan and words like ROWDY and BOSS. But this is against the regulations and now Vijay Devarakonda is reacting on this.

Finding that some of his fans are actually using the nameplates that read 'rowdy', Vijay has issued a statement advising them to not use such things on registration plates. "For our good, we have to follow some rules. If you want to show love on anyone, use other parts of the bike" a part of his statement reads.

"When I see you sport rowdy, I immediately feel we are family. And like I would tell any from my family, do not get into trouble" he says, asking his fans to not wear Rowdy on registration plates. That is surely a good piece of advice coming from a rocking hero. Hope they follow it. 



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