Dattatreya To Sidestep From The Seat And Make Way For Kishan Reddy
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The BJP Central leadership is planning on asking senior BJP leader and its MP Bandaru Dattatreya to sidestep from the seat and make way for another key leader in the state. According to BJP sources, BJP's state president G. Kishan Reddy is keen on contesting from the seat and has been eyeing it since 2014. However, with the party deciding to go with Dattatreya in 2014, Kishan Reddy's plans fell through.

Dattatreya who won in 2014 against Congress' Anjan Kumar Yadav was made a minister in the NDA government and remained a Union minister till 2017. However, the party under the leadership of Amit Shah has reportedly clarified that it wants to field a younger candidate and may ask Dattatreya to retire. 

On the other hand, though the party is considering Kishan Reddy for the Secunderabad seat, Dattatreya believes that his recent debacle in the Assembly elections may not favour him. Apart from that, he is also an outsider for the constituency which puts him at a disadvantageous position. This has renewed the hopes of Dattatreya. 

But, BJP leadership is still yet to decide as Kishan Reddy's loss in Amberpet was a major loss for the party in the state as Raja Singh was the sole candidate from BJP who won in the Telangana Assembly elections. Despite many BJP leaders within party questioning Kishan Reddy's loss, the Party High Command is of the opinion that he could be their best bet in Telangana!



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