Criminal Complaint Filed Against Baba Ramdev, Patanjali Ayurved In Chandigarh Court For Attempt To Murder, Sale Of Adulterated Drugs
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The complaint has been filed by General Secretary of National Consumer Welfare Council at Chandigarh, Bikramjit Singh, seeking a case against Baba Ramdev and the Patanjali Ayurved Limited.

A criminal complaint has been filed against Baba Ramdev and Patanjali Ayurveda Limited, an Uttrakhand firm, at the Chandigarh District Court, seeking registration of a case of alleged sale of adulterated drugs and attempt to murder under the Indian Penal Code (IPC), and further under the Section of the Drugs and Magic Remedies Act.

The complaint has been filed by General Secretary of National Consumer Welfare Council at Chandigarh, Bikramjit Singh, seeking a case against Baba Ramdev and the Patanjali Ayurved Limited, under the Sections 275 (sale of adulterated drugs), 276 (sale of drug as a different drug or preparation), 468 (Forgery for purpose of cheating), and 307 (attempt to murder) of Indian Penal Code, and section 4 of Drugs and Magic Remedies (Objectionable Advertisement) Act, 1954. The matter will be heard in the Chandigarh Court on Monday.

In the complaint, Singh said that medical products, tablets, pills and capsules containing medicine for diseases and for human consumption cannot be advertised without prior permission from the authority appointed by government, and the permission is granted after the medical council and authorities inspect the quality and genuineness of the medicines.

 Advocate Navjit Brar alleged in the complaint that, “Respondent no 1 (Baba Ramdev) who was just a yogi, who knows yoga asanas, few years back suddenly came to limelight through patronage of the present government which made yoga globally popular and declared him a yoga guru, following which, he became a businessman and multi-billionaire. His modus is to exploit the public in the name of yoga, befool and misguide innocent people and divert them from allopathy and homeopathy to ayurvedic medicines that he manufactures.”

The complaint further mentioned about the press conference conducted by Baba Ramdev on June 24, during which he claimed that tablets and oil launched by Patanjali could cure the disease within 3-7 days, with 100 per cent successful results and no fatality rate. However, later it was found that Baba Ramdev’s firm did not have permission to manufacture the medicine.

The complaint further alleged, “The respondent (Baba Ramdev and the firm, Patanjali Ayurved) has misused his title of ‘Yog Guru’ and befooled the public who follow him…If the patients used the respondent’s medicine, they will lose 3-7 crucial days and their Covid-19 infection will become more severe during this period and even prove to be fatal.”

The complaint read, “With the dubious claim of having found any ayurvedic cure for Covid-19 and advertising the kit, purportedly concocted to treat the patients without official permission, the respondents have tried to play with the life of millions of patients. Respondents (Baba Ramdev and the firm Patanjali Ayurved) have been prohibited to advertise the medicine, as the company had sought the permission only for a license to develop immunity booster against cold and cough…respondents misled people with their claim of 100 per cent COVID-19 cure, following the due process or the rigorous testing that is required. Such act of respondents will cost life of millions who put blind trust in ‘Patanjali’ as a leading herbal products’ manufacturer. Earlier also the respondents had made many claims, like having a cure for cancer, which turned out to be false.”

The complainant said that ayurveda may carry medical wisdom, but its usage in the 21st century must comply with the approved scientific protocols.




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