Coronavirus- 1720, 1820, 1920 And Now In 2020
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The whole world is shaken over the fear of a new virus called coronavirus. This virus evolves and spreads by transmitting from human to human. Unfortunately, hundreds of people died despite aggressive public health responses. Amid the high tension and fear, a new fact has come into the limelight, comparing the pattern of disease all through history, i.e., for every 100 years.

It is read as - "1720 Plague, 1820 Cholera Outbreak, 1920 Spanish Flu, 2020 Coronavirus! Each happened exactly 100 years after the previous one". We don't know if it is coincidence or just a pattern, but the corona is indeed spreading like these above-mentioned viruses. Plague, also labelled as the Black Death was an epidemic that struck Europe. It killed around 75-200 million people, which was a huge amount of medieval Europe's population. The form of Plague it was mostly caused by was the Bubonic Plague.

Next comes, Cholera, which is transmitted primarily by ingesting contaminated water and bacteria entering through the mouth, often in food or water that has been contaminated with human waste, due to poor sanitation and hygiene. Spanish Flu, on the other hand, has been the worst pandemic viruses with devastating effects on the immune system. Back in 1918, people infected have developed vigorous immune response and it filled their lungs with fluid and they turned blue and died very quickly. It did not affect older adults as much as younger adults.

Now, right after 100 years, coronavirus has been attacking people and right now, we just don't have enough information to come to a conclusion on whether the virus is completely unmanageable. Starting from Wuhan, China, now a handful of cases have been reported worldwide. Since coronavirus is now the dreadful outbreak, we are scared to admit that it is no less than being epidemic like plague or cholera.

The virus that China is facing has already killed 80 people so far, despite efforts by the government and other institutions to quarantine entire cities and now, the virus has managed to spread beyond China's borders. Therefore, the 1700s, 1800s, 1900s - a couple of years in these ranges have had a huge, huge number of people killed due to Plague, Cholera and Spanish flu respectively. Now we just hope that the 2020's coronavirus is not epidemic and stops circling the world around soon.



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