CoronaEffect: Techie Turns Vegetable Seller
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Inspiring many, a young 26 year old techie has turned vegetable-seller after losing her job in a software firm in Delhi owing to the coronavirus lockdown and subsequent economic crisis. Since there was a family business in selling vegetables, Sharadha Undadi from Borabanda did not hesitate for a moment to switch her profession.

“After completing three months of mandatory internship, they promised me to offer a job. But then, this lockdown came and they refused to consider my application, and asked me to move due to the ongoing financial crisis in the industry,” she told The Hindu. “One should not forget one’s roots. I was able to complete my education only on the money earned from selling vegetables. They (her parents) have been doing this for the past two decades and I’m more than happy to support them. Here, I unload the fresh vegetables from the trolley auto, place them in my road-side store and sell them. It is dignity of labour. I’m not ashamed of doing what makes me happy,” the techie said even as she did quick maths and packed veggies to customers, who were praising her for the new task.

Boosting the morale of those who go into depression or think of committing suicide after losing job, Ms. Sharadha said suicide was not the answer to problems; people should think of their parents and other family members before taking the extreme step. Standing up for parents and family is much more satisfying than having a lucrative job, she believes.

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