Corona Test Free Of Cost Order By Supreme Court
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From a time there are various talks regarding the coronavirus test being conducted in India. While we do know that the samples were taken at the hospitals designated by the government as COVID-19 treatment facilities, the testing is done for free, but the testing at private hospitals is not at all free.

Though various accounts have come out regarding this, finally some petitioners with proofs have approached saying that during a pandemic how come private hospitals are charging Rs 4500 for a COVID-19 confirmation test. Reacting on the same, the Supreme Court has now passed an order that could really give a big relief to every citizen of the country.

In its directive, the Supreme Court stated that the government should immediately pass appropriate order that corona determination test should be done at free of cost even at private hospitals. However, SC gave the option to government ot decide if private hospitals could apply for reimbursement after doing the tests.  

This is a great move and directive because many people will be now even going to private hospitals to get tested, provided with the fact that the testing kits are adequate. Right now only those symptomatic patients are getting tested and health experts are saying that even others should be tested from now.




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