Comment On Pawan Kalyan,you Will Get Instant Fame-New Mantra For Everyone
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'Comment on Pawan Kalyan, you will get instant fame', happens to be the mantra of a few celebrities these days. Now the writer of films like Narasimha and Indra, Chinni Krishna, took the mantle of blasting Pawan Kalyan for his comments on YS Jagan and KCR.

"I am Akula Chinni Krishna and belongs to Kapu Community. And today I'm saying that YS Jagan will get the mandate from people of Andhra Pradesh as they are dying to vote for him from years" said Chinni Krishna, adding that Pawan has no right or integrity to question KCR or YS Jagan. "YS Jagan is an innocent young man who lost his father and striving hard to give great governance to people. Why are you troubling him? Have you looked at his Nava Ratna manifesto? First read that", the writer advised. 

Adding his attack on Mega family as well, he said: "Had your family built a film studio? Has your family done anything good to the Telugu industry? You've cashed on Kapu votes earlier and sold party for crores. Though I gave them a stupendous hit like Indra, they didn't even feed me one day" said Chinni Krishna other day, pouring mud on the whole of Mega family. 

Though Chinni Krishna blasted Pawan Kalyan all the way, one wonders where he is sleeping for years and suddenly came out openly for the society and for the sake of 'innocent' YS Jagan. Asking this, mega fans are sharing an old speech video of Chinni Krishan, where the writer shared how Allu Arvind gave him 10 lakhs cheque when no one in the industry actually didn't help him financially. 

That sums up how Chinni Krishna is fighting the wrong battle against the people who helped him survive in the industry. 



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