CM Jagan's Decision Tends 'HappyNest' Buyers In Trouble
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The Andhra Pradesh Government is now saying it will complete the huge apartment complex ‘HappyNest’ in Amaravati Capital City area. This grand project consists of 12 towers and a total of 1,200 apartment flats. Most of these flats were sold within hours during the Chandrababu Naidu regime. Especially, the NRIs bought the flats in their enthusiasm for having a flat of their own in the new Capital while contributing their bit for Amaravati construction. Now, as the court cases are turning serious, the Jagan Reddy Government has decided to complete the construction of ‘HappyNest’. All the flats would be handed over to the buyers. On the other hand, the flat owners have already expressed their desire to withdraw from the project if the Government returns their money. The owners are no longer interested considering the collapse of real estate values in Amaravati, Mangalagiri, Vijayawada and Guntur.

CM Jagan is still sticking to his stand on shifting Core Capital to Visakhapatnam. Amaravati would just be retained as a Legislature Capital. That too, only a few days of Assembly session would be held here while the major sessions would be held in Visakhapatnam. In this respect, Kurnool would be in a better situation as it was promised to be a full-fledged Judicial Capital.

The big question now is what the flat owners could do if the Government goes ahead with his plan. Can they also file petitions in the court seeking relief from the damages? They all bought flats only when the Government promised to develop Amaravati as a global city. Whatever, CM Jagan regime’s decisions are giving more and more trouble each day to all those stake-holders who got involved in Amaravati development directly or indirectly.

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