CM Jagan Is Contemplating To Propose 3 Capital City-model To AP
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While the cash-strapped Andhra Pradesh is struggling to have a single capital - Amaravati, CM Jagan is contemplating to propose 3 capital city-model to AP. CM Jagan has hinted this in the AP Assembly itself. AP may have three capitals - Executive Capital, Legislative Capital and Judicial Capital.

It is buzzed that Vizag could be the Executive Capital of AP and Amaravati is the Legislative Capital and Kurnool could be the Judicial Capital. Apart from the existing Amaravati (Coastal Andhra), Jagan may opt for two more capitals like Vizag (North Coastal Andhra) and Kurnool (Rayalaseema). It can be noted that Kurnool was the capital of Andhra state in 1950s and it lost the capital status after Andhra Pradesh was formed with Telangana where the capital was moved to Hyderabad.

The proposed idea is to shift the High Court to Kurnool (Judicial Capital) in Rayalaseema for which the people of the region have been lobbying and demanding. And it is also proposed that the temporary Secretariat in Velagapudi is likely to be shifted to Visakhapatnam in order to make it Executive Capital of the state. Meanwhile, the Legislative Assembly and Council would be remained in Amaravati leaving it to be the Legislative Capital.

However, this is just a proposed idea. CM Jagan is said to be waiting for the final report of the GN Rao committee which is due in a week. Once the report comes, CM Jagan would take the final decision after discussing the issue.

The move is to decentralize the development instead of centering all the growth, development and progress around the capital city Amaravati. CM Jagan has already shocked everyone with his selection of cabinet colleagues where he ensured that there is equal representation of all communities.

He also made sure the state has 5 Deputy CMs each representing the different backward, marginalised caste. If Jagan opts for 3 capital cities-model, it will turn huge political advantage for him and his party in all the three regions. This will also directly hits CBN's Amaravati project. So, Jagan plans to kill two birds with one stone.

Well, we have to wait for the final report of the GN Rao committee.



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