Clarity On Release Dates After The Lockdown!
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All the theatres were shut down due to this lockdown. None of the new films were released. But our Telugu producers reportedly made a decision on what to do after the lockdown is lifted and permission is granted to the opening of theatres. New films start to flood as soon as the theatres are open. Release dates will be announced and it may lead to a lot of clashes between the producers. Keeping this in mind, the Producers Guild gave a clear indication.

They decided that the first priority will be given to the films which announced the release date a lot earlier. Movies that were supposed to release in March and April will be released ahead of others as per the guild. The films which were censored already will be released first and then other films will get their chance. Releasing multiple films at the same time may reduce collections and nobody knows about how the mindset of people will be after the lockdown is lifted. A couple of films coming at the same time is definitely not a good idea.

The films which were stalled due to lockdown will be released first as per sources. Big producer D Suresh Babu said that they do not have any problems with the releases and the films which were stopped before the lockdown will be released first. He said that the problem is not with the release dates but how the conditions will be after the lockdown is eased.



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