China Totally Misled The World With Fake Info - Proofs Are Here !
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China - world's largest populated country is now being centered for misleading the whole world regarding the outbreak of coronavirus around the globe.

Actually Coronavirus was first found in Wuhan city which is one among the major cities of China.

Even in China Coronavirus was first confirmed in the month of December but the government and the officials of China took it in a gentle way and thought this might end up with few casual deaths.

But as the new year arrived and by that time Coronavirus was already rapidly spreading in Chinese people.Even the New year celebrations around the world have happened in a mammoth way and many Chinese people went all around the globe to different countries to celebrate the new year.

So by this time the coronavirus has been transferred to various countries in the world as well. But by the time china realized the seriousness in the spread of virus it was already too late for the government of China and its officials to react on the issue or on the outbreak of very dangerous coronavirus.

China noted the cases from 17th January and before that Thailand government asked China to announce the health emergency from January 5th onwards but China refused to do it and also suppressed the western media even WHO was unaware of these all things happening.

Recently after scrutinizing the birth of Coronavirus America President Donald Trump announced it directly as coronavirus is a Chinese virus and China will have to pay for everything. And also Trump directly denied  and ordered to stop funding for WHO as well.

But The China Government and the officials are countering that why would China want this kind of thing to happen around the world.

Even every other powerful country in the world is now into defending the coronavirus which is attacking them and later after bringing corona virus into a controlled stage then there would be scope for many arguments and also proper analyzations might happen on the outbreak of corona virus in China.


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