Chikati Gadhilo Chitthakottudu Movie Trailer Review
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Young hero Adith Arun is doing different and bold subjects these days. His new film is 'Chikati Gadhilo Chitthakottudu' and the trailer of it is released on the occasion.

The first visuals reveal that this film is not for family audience and the makers don't shy away from saying so. Adith and his friend played Mirchi Hemanth have wild fantasies and keep flirting with every other women they come across. Their conversations are packed with double meaning dialogues.

The female leads Nikki Tamboli and Bhagyashree Mote display a lot of glamour and turn raked up the mercury levels with over exposing.

But this is an adult horror comedy and has  its moments. Adith and Hemanth are seen in hilarious roles. Being directed by Santhosh P Jayakumar, Balamurali Balu is composing music.

Given the visuals 'Chikati Gadhilo Chitthakottudu' has a lot of adult stuff and might face censor hurdles before the release.

We shall see how the makers will justify the bold content.



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