Chandrababu Says Demonestisation Is Tughluq Plan Of Modi
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In a joint address of the anti-BJP parties which have come together to form the Mahaghatbandhan, AP Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu along with Congress President Rahul Gandhi appealed to voters in Raichur in Karnataka to 'remove Modi as Prime Minister.' Stating that Bengaluru is always on the map of most developed cities of India, he said that Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh have grown rapidly duo to the absence of the BJP. Interestingly, Chandrababu was welcomed with a thunderous applause by the crowd in Raichur.

'Today, there is democratic compulsion to bring in a non-BJP government in India at the national level. I appeal to everyone to vote out Narendra Modi. He has lied to people, made false promises, did publicity stunts but never fulfilled any of the promises he made. He had promise to develop our nation and people trusted him with their mandate. But, he has betrayed the people with demonetisation. It was badly implemented and so was GST,' he said, adding that development came to a standstill because of such 'tughluq plans'. 

Adding that BJP government hasn't delivered on its promise of establishing IIT-Raichur, he appealed to people to bring Congress-JD(S) government at the national level too, apart from that in Karnataka. His speech clearly indicated his support to Congress-JD(S) partnership at the Centre, with the support of other regional parties. However, he did not mention about his choice of Prime Ministerial candidate - whether it would be Rahul Gandhi or Deve Gowda.

Chandrababu also picked on the local issues which the BJP has not addressed in Raichur. 'I have given a call to people to vote out Modi and hence, many Telugus in Karnataka have voted for Congress-JD(S) partnership. I'm happy that the current government is run by this partnership. We thank the Congress for promising Special Status for AP in its manifesto and also mentioning that they will sign the first file on AP special status,' he added. 

Meanwhile, Congress President Rahul Gandhi said: 'People have decided in 2019 that in Karnataka, Congress and JD(S), in Andhra Pradesh Naidu (Chandrababu Naidu) and across the country those who are fighting against BJP, they will win. Narendra Modi will be removed from Delhi.' He added that 'People of Gujarat are saying, leave alone the country, Narendra Modi has not done anything for Gujarat...Lakhs of acres of our land were given to big business people.'



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