Chandrababu Questions To The Family Over YS Vivekas Murder
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After YS Jagan Mohan Reddy alleged Chandrababu Naidu & his government of misleading the case of his uncle YS Vivekananda Reddy's brutal murder, CM Chandrababu Naidu has convened a press conference and shot back on Jagan & YCP. Naidu has raised several pertinent questions surrounding the mystery of Viveka's murder.

Narrating the chronology of events that took place after the death of Vivekananda Reddy early today, Chandrababu said murder happened in YS family and they're the ones who would know the first hand information. Naidu alleged the family of "concealing" and "hiding" truths and "camouflaged" it as "natural death" until the post-mortem report is out. Chandrababu said "hand-written" letter came out only in the evening and where did it go in the morning as soon as the news about the death of Viveka broke out. Naidu alleged that YCP is trying to defame him, his son Lokesh and TDP party over the murder that happened in their family. Naidu said law will take its own course and truth will prevail. He said he has ordered SIT as soon as post-mortem report indicated it could be murder. He said YCP is demanding for CBI inquiry so that it could get away as the party has "good equation" with BJP government at the Centre.

Chandrababu said he had felt very bad hearing Viveka's death and said he felt very upset after learning that it was murder. Naidu said a few are trying to "implicate" a car driver in the murder of YS Viveka and added that who is behind the murder should truly come out.

Chandrababu's Questions Over YS Viveka's Murder

- Who killed Viveka?

- Who saw his body first?

- Post-mortem report says murder took place around 5 AM. But why no intimation to police until 6.40 AM? 

- Why it was informed as natural death and heart-attack as the cause?

- If such severe wounds, injuries are pretty much visible on Viveka's forehead, head, how can anyone describe it as natural death?

- Several people in family had visited Viveka's boday including Gangi Reddy, Avinash Reddy. But no one reported it as murder until post-mortem report. Why?

- Who informed YS Avinash Reddy about Viveka's death?

- Who shifted YS Viveka's body from bathroom to bedroom? And who cleaned the bedroom that has a pool of blood?

- Why YCP changed its words throughout the day?

- Why YCP still describes it as "suspicious death" in its press note instead of "murder"?



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