Chandrababu One Word Answers On Various Politicians
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Sunrise state Andhra Pradesh's outgoing Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu is leaving no stone unturned to make the best of his last three days of campaigning. And then, national media is also chasing him at all the places, to get his interviews, because he is one of the main pillars who could give a fillip to Narendra Modi's plans of forming a government at Centre once again.

During such interviews, one national media has asked him to describe every other opponent (or friend) of him in one word and his answers are now going viral on social media. If we look at all the answers, Naidu is quite uninterested and against only at Modi and YS Jagan, but he seems to have got that 'okay' feeling on others. He stated that Pawan Kalyan is 'yet to establish', and called Jagan as 'corrupt' and KCR a 'blackmailer'. 

Naidu's one word answers on various politicians:

Narendra Modi - A Dictator
Rahul Gandhi - He is trying his level best
Pawan Kalyan - Yet to establish
Jagan: Most corrupt
KCR: Most unreliable and blackmailer
Mamta Banerjee: She is very dynamic
Mayawati: she is also trying her best

In the end, he added, "All of us, if we adjust ourselves, then there is a bright future for us", hinting that he will support Congress-led UPA for sure in the coming days. 



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