Chandrababu Naidu Says 'YCP Disowned People As Covid19 Become Unmanageable'
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Nara Chandrababu Naidu, TDP president and former Chief Minister on Tuesday blamed the ruling YSRCP leaders for 'washing their hands off the people's problems after the coronavirus epidemic turned unmanageable in Andhra Pradesh. Mr Naidu attributed the constant raise in COVID-19 cases in the state is due to the non-serious and irresponsible statements of the Chief Minister, the ministers and the ruling party MLAs from the beginning of the infections. He expressed concern over the piling up of dead bodies of the victims at the Government General Hospital in Guntur.

The TDP chief, in a statement here, suggested to the government to check for how many hours the virus would stay on the dead bodies. After the bodies become virus-free, the last rites should be performed with due respect. In these troublesome times, the people should take upon themselves a personal responsibility to observe self-restraint and the public should display a spirit of courage and confidence to fight against the invisible enemy. At the same time, they should remain cautious and alert. Everybody should get the awareness of home quarantine, telemedicine and such best practices that would keep people safe.

The TDP chief appealed to the people to place utmost focus on their health and follow all steps necessary to boost their immunity. Habits like drinking alcohol should be cast aside considering their ill effects on health. Only those persons who have strong health and immunity would fight against the virus successfully.

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