Chandrababu Is Being Misguided By His Close Aides
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Political circuits are abuzz that Chandrababu Naidu is being misguided by a few people, including his close aides. Apparently, some officials and some leaders in coterie are "misguiding" Naidu that he will be "easily" comeback to power. But many say, ground-reality is different as it's not as easy as said, claimed by some TDP leaders, officials close to Naidu.

Ever since Naidu announced some Sops and beneficiary schemes to people, his coterie started propagating that TDP will be back to power in 2019. No doubt, the schemes did play crucial role and it did help TDP and Naidu to an extent, but at the same time, anti-incumbancy against Naidu's government need not be ignored. Not necessarily, all beneficiaries of government's welfare schemes vote for TDP in 2019 general elections. So, this is where MLA candidate and poll management come into picture.

On the flip side, YS Jagan is giving a tough fight to Naidu. Besides 3600 km long Padayatra where he connected with masses, Jagan's media-management - particularly National Media - and some surveys being in his favour indicate that he has done his best to turn the tide in his favour. 

So far, almost all prominent surveys (C-voter survey being exception), all are favouring Jagan. Call it a PK effect, Jagan tried his best to influence "neutral voters" towards him. Even on social media, presence of YCP and its supporters is considerably bigger compared to before. 

Sample this. The overall spend on Facebook advertising of YCP is higher than that of TDP that is in ruling. YCP has been doing this over the period and it managed to influence the thinking-class and netizens to an extent - where it has been lagging before.

However, Naidu is full confident that he will defeat Jagan with ease. This is where Naidu & his team needs to be more conscious. Naidu shouldn't solely depend on his coterie, instead he should make every attempt to woo the supporters of YCP towards him. Since Pawan Kalyan can't be ignored and he could divide the votes as much as he can, Chandrababu should be wary of the consequences of a triangular fight and he should play his cards well to defeat Jagan.



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