Chandrababu Backstabbed NTR In A Phased Manner!
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Needless to say NTR had taken Telugu pride to the next level with his stupendous performance in both films and politics. But there are equally emotional barriers in his political career that he underwent with great struggle and finally lost in the battle.

Even before launching TDP, NTR made Chandrababu Naidu as his son-in-law. He was more than happy to invite Naidu into his family as he was a Minister in Congress. But the things took a strange turn after Naidu stepped into TDP.

Initially, Naidu was obedient in party and saved NTR from several odds like Nadendla Manohar who planned to take over Chief Minister post from NTR. Several incidents of that sort made NTR believe Naidu and offered him strong leadership. Naidu was made Revenue Minister and he undertook all responsibilities and became the face of TDP soon.

With the entry of Lakshmi Parvathi into NTR's life, Naidu managed to mudsling on his uncle spreading rumors on their alleged affair. Andhra Jyothy MD Radhakrishna was successful in doing it. Eenadu supported Naidu in bringing down NTR drastically.

Viceroy Hotel episode, where Naidu pooled all TDP leaders hurt NTR. He was hurt with TDP leaders throwing slippers at him in front of the Hotel. The incident has deteriorated NTR's mental health along with the then existing physical health and thus resulted in his death. It is pathetic that a man who was once the face of Telugu underwent such terrible pain in his last days.

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