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Take The Card And Vote For Fan In Penukonda Constituency With the polling date approaching, all the political parties in the Andhra Pradesh state are trying their best to woo the voters. YSR Congress party has launched an innovative concept by distributing ... April 05, 2019 0 605 Category: Political News
Nation First, Party Next, Self Last -Advani Benched by the Bharatiya Janata Party High Command, former Deputy Prime Minister and BJP's veteran leader L. K Advani said that the guiding principle of his life has always been "Nation first... April 05, 2019 0 471 Category: Political News
Money Begins To Flow In AP Elections With just five days left for the closure of campaigning in the general elections, it is time for the flow of money among the voters in a big way. While indulging in large scale distribution of cash... April 05, 2019 0 465 Category: Political News
YSRCP Leader Amanchi Is Caught Red-Handedly Abusing The Cops Chirala YSR Congress party MLA candidate Amanchi Krishna Mohan is caught red-handedly abusing the police who are doing their jobs. Going in details, the police have detained when Amanchi was campaigni... April 05, 2019 0 276 Category: Political News
Bandla Ganesh Tweets That He Is Quitting Politics A day after revealing his wish, actor, and producer Bandla Ganesh has announced that he is quitting politics and will no longer be part of any political party. Ganesh took to his official Twitter to s... April 05, 2019 0 580 Category: Political News
Young Hero Is Promoting For TDP In Kurnool District It is known that as responsible citizens even heroes tried to encourage the people to cast their vote. But when all the Tollywood heroes are staying away from the politics and are not promoting a part... April 05, 2019 0 460 Category: Political News
Chandrababu Physical Strength No Match To Others With hectic election campaigning schedules, TDP Chief N. Chandrababu Naidu is working relentlessly to ensure that the cadre does their best in publicizing about the party and its candidates to voters ... April 05, 2019 0 376 Category: Political News
Talk- Why Facebook Removed So Many Pages And Accounts, Is It Helping The Leading Party With Facebook removing almost 702 pages and accounts from India linked to the Congress Party, several aspersions have been cast on the social media giant's policies. A Facebook statement said &quo... April 05, 2019 0 636 Category: Political News
Balakrishna Fired On Local TDP Leaders In Hindupur Public began questioning the TDP Leaders who are campaigning in the constituencies about their failure in fulfilling the promises. None other than Nandamuri Balakrishna faced a bitter experience this ... April 05, 2019 0 639 Category: Political News
Andhra Pradesh Needs Better Leaders-Pawankalyan Jana Sena Party Chief Pawan Kalyan said that there was a difference between the Andhra people and Andhra leaders. He said that he would have showed all the tough times to the Andhra rulers, had he bee... April 05, 2019 0 262 Category: Political News
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