Breaking: Ex-TDP MP Sabbam Hari Breathed His Last After A Long Battle With Covid19
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Former MP Sabbam Hari has breather his last on Monday while undergoing treatment at a private hospital in Visakhapatnam for coronavirus infection. Doctors said his health condition has been critical for the past few days. However, doctors confirmed that his body had not been treated since yesterday evening.

Sabbam Hari underwent coronavirus tests a few days ago and was confirmed of coronavirus positive. However, he was initially in home isolation as per the doctors' recommendation and as the health did not improve, he was immediately rushed to Apollo Hospital in Arilova.

Doctors say Sabbam Hari, who has been in hospital for the past three days, is in critical condition today. Doctors said there were other infections along with the coronavirus and was undergoing treatment on a ventilator. He breathed his last while receiving treatment.

The former minister is very much associated with Visakhapatnam who served as Mayor of Visakhapatnam and later won as an Anakapalle MP from the Congress party. Former MP Sabbam Hari is one of the people close to the YS family and was one of those who followed YS Jagan in the Odarpu Yatra when he defied the Congress and split. However, Sabbam Hari became a staunch enemy of YS Jagan in the wake of the unforeseen consequences that took place later.

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