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#BoycottPushpaInKarnataka  is trending on Twitter. The  Kannada moviegoers have been expressing their disapproval over Allu Arjun’s upcoming film Pushpa‘s release in Karnataka. Kannada movie lovers are slamming the makers for giving their first preference to the film’s original language rather than the state’s. Few comments by the netizens are as follows:

Chetan: Dear  Allu Arjun, why are you dumping Telugu version in Karnataka when you have Kannada version? You and your marketing team has got it all wrong. This is not going well with Kannadigas. I won’t watch Pushpa unless released in Kannada across Karnataka. #BoycottPushpaInKarnataka

Sivashik: Swagath means forget about kannada.He will show his Reddy dominance, this guy have lot of money from real estate. Lost money by distributing many Telugu films here. Now again coming to impose Telugu. #boycottpushpainkarnataka #pushpa

Kanndaigas: We have shared Pushpa movie’s posters, teaser, songs, trailer because it was in Kannada.. Now We also #BoycottPushpaInKarnataka, because it is not in Kannada in theatres..

Madhu: If you want to release ur movie in Karnataka better release Kannada version more than any version. What is this? Telugu version200+,hindi vsn 10+,malayalam vsn 4+, tamil vsn 4+ & Kannada version 3 shows just 3 that too in Karnataka #BoycottPushpaInKarnataka #PushpaTheRise #Ban

Maya: #BoycottPushpaInKarnataka #boycottpushpa Will telugu ppl watch kgf in kannada,Enthiran in tamil, Bangalore days in Malayalam? Ans: is NO We can’t insult n forget our kannada lang for 2 hrs pushpa movie.


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