BJP: Pawan Kalyan An Ally Or Star Campaigner?!?!?
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The 2014 elections were contested jointly by the TDP and the BJP, with the support of Pawan Kalyan. A secure majority was granted to their coalition. In 2019, separately challenged by the TDP, BJP and Pawan. They suffered a crushing defeat. With 151 out of 175 MLA seats and a 50 percent share of the vote, the YCP secured a landslide victory. As compared to over 6% of Jana Sena, the TDP received 40 percent of the vote. The BJP obtained a voting share of less than 1 percent. Pawan Kalyan hurriedly rushed to Delhi and joined hands with the BJP without setting any preconditions for their alliance, despite knowing the simple electoral statistics. Now how the BJP takes so much leverage over the Jana Sena is becoming evident in the situation. Doubts are expressed as to whether there was a joint BJP-YCP plot behind the Jana Sena attacks, which ultimately made Pawan join hands with the BJP as if the Senani were in a helpless situation.

The YCP often used threatening tactics against the TDP from the outset. The YCP, unable to bear its harassment, has also been joined by some TDP leaders and MLAs. But he continued his fight with Chandrababu Naidu. Whereas in the pit laid by the BJP-YCP, Pawan Kalyan landed. Ultimately, Senani is forced to make one tactical error after another. Pawan Kalyan is already sandwiched between the BJP and the YCP, analysts say. The BJP does not see Pawan as a significant ally, but just a celebrity who can be used in South Indian States as a star campaigner in elections.

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