BJP About Jamili Elections
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Both Prime Minister Modi and BJP national president Amit Shah appear keen on 'One country-one nation.' They are arguing that joint electiosn would reduce the costs of holding the election They are also arguing that continuous elections in some part or the other is holding up development. But, the detractors feel that the BJP wants to gain and come back to power again. Hence, several leaders like Chandrababu, Deve Gowda and Mamtha Banerjee are opposing this claiming that this is a ploy to muzzle the regional parties.

As of now, the BJP wants to go ahead. It has asked the Law Commission to prepare a draft of the law facilitating joint elections. Since the Law Commission's tenure is coming to an end in a month or so, the draft is expected to  be finalized soon. The bill could be introduced in Parliament during the next session. In 2019, there would be elections for Lok Sabha and 11 states. By 2024, the BJP wants to have the elections to all assemblies and Lok Sabha simultaneously.



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