Bigg Boss Telugu 2 Contestant Babu Gogineni Booked For Alleged Misuse Of Aadhar Details
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Human Rights activist, rationalist and Bigg Boss season 2 contestant Babu Gogineni has been booked for 'sedition' and 'treason'. Babu Gogineni is charged with the acts of 'sedition' and 'treason' besides several others. He has been booked under 13 sections. This is following a complaint filed in Madhapur police station against Babu Gogineni.

The complainant alleged that Babu Gogineni's comments on social media over a particular section has been creating a lot of difficulties, challenges to the particular community living abroad. It is alleged that Babu Gogineni had been conducting several 'unauthorized' meetings and had been 'collecting' Aadhar card information and details from the people in an 'unauthorized' way. 

One complainant Narayana has approached the court to take action against Babu Gogineni. He has moved the court to 'remove' the videos of Babu Gogineni and his 'objectionable' speeches. The complainant alleged that the 'provoking' comments of Babu Gogineni are resulting in the 'physical attacks' against a community living overseas.

According to reports, the Court has directed cops to book cases against Babu Gogineni. Madhapur police have booked cases against Babu under 13 sections. Madhapur police have started the probe. Cops are gathering the information on Babu Gogineni's meetings and video footage of his speeches. More details are yet to be known. 

Since Babu Gogineni is currently in Bigg Boss house, one has to wait and see how the cops would take it forward



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