Bigboss Warns Kaushal And Tanish
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During the Race-To-Finale Task held on Tuesday, Housemates Tanish and Kaushal resorted to causing physical harm to each other. They continued to repeat the same mistake again and again inspite of the warnings from Bigg Boss. As a result, The task was stopped abruptly and housemates were asked to reach the meeting hall.

Task: 3 Housemates have to fill their Containers with sand. Remaining 3 Housemates can try everything they can to empty them. Who's container have more sand than the other two will be chosen for Level 2 of Race-To-Finale.

Roll Rida was declared as Winner of the Race-To-Finale Task.  While Kaushal desperately tried to defeat him, Samrat and Tanish came to the rescue of the rapper. In the process, Kaushal and Tanish harmed each other physically.

By the end of the episode, Bigg Boss warned Kaushal and Tanish that they would sent out of the house if such incidents repeat again.






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