Be Alert, Undavalli Advised CM Jagan
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Former MP Undavalli Arun Kumar has alerted AP CM YS Jagan to be cautious. "YSRCP and Jagan seems to be in a mindset that they got 51 per cent votes and so power would be permanent. But that would be foolish if they do think so and in the past many political stalwarts have faced huge defeats. This should not be forgotten," said Undavalli.

Further he said, "Despite PV Narasimha Rao and NTR winning with huge majority, they could not be in government for long. Both the leaders did not have opposition from people but their own MLAs revolted against them. Jagan should keep this in his mind and maintain good rapport with his MLAs."

Undavalli opined that people have already realized the electricity crisis in the state. "There might be reasons for power interruptions but people will remember only if those who have provided uninterrupted service," said Undavalli. Talking on 'Nava Ratnalu' the ex-MP also said, even if one misses out among the nine, not people, YSRCP MLAs will rebel against the party.

"Confidence is good while over-confidence will bring more trouble. Jagan should utilize the power in hands for the betterment instead of talking blind and bold decisions," added Undavalli.

On the boat tragedy in Kacchuluru, Undavalli said, though it is not their fault, the government got a bad name. "Jagan thinks that if we do good, people will be good. But in politics, this formula doesn't work. Corruption at a higher level has come down but it is still intact in the lower level and not all issues need CM YS Jagan's attention. He should move in a way for transparent governance then people will certainly prefer his party and government for long," summed up Undavalli.



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