#PSPK30 Trending: Bandla Ganesh Hints New Film With Pawan Kalyan
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The recent social media post of Gabbar Singh producer Bandla Ganesh is all Pawan Kalyan 's fans can talk about as he pointed to another movie with their favourite star. Recently, the producer met Pawan Kalyan, who seems to be on a film signing spree, and rumours have also been saying that he's been trying to rope him in for another film for weeks. Bandla Ganesh said on Monday morning that he had some big news for his fans. He wrote “I will announce about my future today 11.23 About my future it’s wonderful news for my Well wishers.”

He posted a photo clicked with the Vakeel Saab star in the afternoon and wrote, "My boss said okay and my dreams come true again. Thank you my god @PawanKalyan." Instantly the fans of Pawan Kalyan went into frenzy, speculating that Bandla Ganesh would bankroll his 30th film even though an official announcement is yet to be made by anyone involved in the alleged movie. Particularly so, because even before this, Bandla Ganesh had said that he was ready to make a PK movie, but the star already had a huge line-up with Krish, Harish Shankar, and Surender Reddy.

The next one is going to be Pawan Kalyan's Vakeel Saab, which is a remake of the Bollywood film Pink, and then he's going to join director Krish for a new periodical drama. After Gabbar Singh and Pawan Kalyan will also team up with Surender Reddy, director Harish Shankar has also announced a film that will see them reunite. Therefore, it is still unclear when Ganesh's project will be embedded in the busy political and film career of PK. Pawan Kalyan was last seen in January 2018 in Agnyaathavaasi, which was supposed to be his last film. Vakeel Saab, his return, was expected to be released in May, because of the pandemic release was moved.

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