Babu Will Not Even Win 13 Eeats In The Next Elections-Jagan
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The 'Special Category Status' in Andhra Pradesh has once again become a hot topic for debate in the assembly. AP CM YS Jagan and opposition leader Chandrababu Naidu indulged in a dialogue war on 'Special Status.'

Firstly it was Chandrababu who said he did many attempts for 'Special Status' and had been to the national capital for nearly 29 times. Yet the BJP government kept ignoring it. Countering Naidu's claims Jaga came down heavily. 

'Chandrababu failed to convince the Planning Commission to grant special status to AP. He did not have an idea to write a letter for the status. Whatever he says everything is a lie. Despite people teaching Babu and his party a lesson, there is no change in their attitude. If this continues, Chandrababu will not even win 13 seats in the next elections,' said CM Jagan.

Also Jagan said his government will be focusing a lot on implementation of 'Nava Ratnalu' and the party's election manifesto. 'In my office, the election manifesto is pasted to the wall, so that it reminds me, the promises I made to the people before elections. My government will definitely implement them at any cost,' added Jagan.



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