Babu Proved There Are No Permanent Enemies In Politics
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Chandrababu Naidu has done unthinkable today by meeting his long-time enemy from Gandhi clan and shook hands and announced of working together. The very inception of TDP might be to take on its arch rival Congress, but Naidu has now re-branded the TDP and re-launched the TDP as "Naidu's TDP" i.e "TDP 2.0" contrary to "NTR's 2.0". With this, it is once again proved that there are no permanent enemies in politics.

Stating that the move is a "political compulsion" and "democratic compulsion", Naidu said he is joining hands with principal opposition Congress for the interests of Andhra Pradesh. Reasoning the benefit for Andhra Pradesh as Congress has promised Special Category Status to the truncated state, Chandrbabu has stressed the need for collaboration with the Congress.

At the same time, the common thing between then TDP (NTR's TDP) and Naidu's TDP is the crucial slogan/plank -  "Self-respect". While Congress then had looked down upon AP, now BJP is doing the same. In fact, BJP today is doing much more than what Congress had done then. And BJP has totally failed to keep any of the bifurcation promises it had made to AP. This is evident that how it is playing with the sentiments of people of Andhra Pradesh. And on the same plank of 'Self-Respect', TDP 2.0 aka Naidu's TDP is now taking on Modi and BJP. 

Overall, Naidu's move to join hands with Congress is not a bad idea and people of AP are fine with these alliances as long as they deliver their promises. Now that BJP is a "Villain" in AP, the only alternative national political party is Congress in order to meet the rightful demand of Special Category Status to AP. Let's see what is in store for TDP 2.0






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