Ayyanna - 'Jayaram Competing With Jagan In Corruption', Displays Evidence
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Visakhapatnam: Ch Ayyanna Patrudu, former TDP minister, said that Labor Minister Gummanur Jayaram had competed in corruption with Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. The TDP leader claimed, speaking to the media here on Friday, that Jayaram has ties with the ESI scam. Showing photos of Jayaram 's son Eshwar accepting an expensive car from Karthik, who's already accused No 14 in the ESI scam, as a birthday gift in December 2019, the TDP leader said the car was sponsored and offered to the minister 's son as a birthday gift.

He said he wanted to know the reason behind presenting the son of the minister with such an expensive gift and argued that it was not a birthday gift but a bribe. The former minister also said that the 'benami' of Minister Jayaram is Karthik. Ayyanna Patrudu reported that it was Jayaram who resorted to corruption in the labour department and not TDP leader K Atchannaidu. He ordered a judicial investigation into the ESI scam. The leader of the TDP dared the chief minister form a committee of inquiry in this regard. He wondered how Jagan got his ministers to scold the opposition in a 'unparliamentary' language and demanded that the cabinet resign Minister Jayaram.

Ayyanna said the BCs were being threatened by the government and he would therefore not remain silent. The TDP chief later called a toll-free number to lodge a complaint against Eshwar. Also present was the former minister, Bandaru Satyanarayana Murthy.

If the evidence proves real, what would YCP Govt., do??..if it's fake what action does Jagan or Jayaram take on Ayyana or TDP, We will have to wait and watch.

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