Are Delhi Police Coming To Kadapa To Investigate Threatening Calls Made To Delhi HC Members!?!?..
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One of the first judicial associations in the country to firmly denounce AP'CM YS Jagan's letter to the Chief Justice of India was the Delhi High Court Bar Association. Threatening calls were made to the members of the Delhi HC, threatening to kill their family members, as expected by many. The calls were made in a purely factional fashion, which was immediately reported to the Delhi Police Department by members of the Delhi HC. The calls were traced upon investigation to have come from the Rajampet STD language. Whoever called these members said they were calling from abroad, and they were speaking in Hindi, thinking they were not going to be traced. Nevertheless, according to the latest sources, with the STD code already being discovered, it is said that the Delhi Police could storm Kadapa at any moment and track those who made these calls and take stern action against them.

The Kadapa police, on the other hand, say they have no information about the Delhi police planning to come to Kadapa, but they will say that, of course. In the country, the Andhra Pradesh Police Department has already become infamous for executing government orders quite blindly, and for remaining blind to everything the government wants to remain blind to. As such, the opposition argues that it would not be shocking if the Kadapa Police were to attempt to shield those responsible for these calls.

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